What is the downtime associated with botox injections? 

There is relatively little downtime with botox injections.  Some patients experience bruising which may last up to a week, but in general, most patients can return to normal activity within 15-30 minutes.  We do recommend waiting at least 12-24 hours prior to heavy exercise.  Following your treatment, you will receive post-treatment instructions which will inform you of helpful tips and tricks.  

What is the downtime with dermal fillers? 

Dermal fillers are used to add volume to areas that have diminished because of the natural aging process. Dermal fillers inherently cause swelling and bruising.  Depending on the location of injection, we recommend allowing for 4-7 days of bruising and swelling.  Some areas, including lower eyes, are more prone to bruise and may last longer.  We make every effort to minimize bruising.  

Do you offer Skincare products? 

We proudly carry Neocutis and L'Athene skin care products. Please ask us how to purchase if interested. 

What forms of payment to do accept? 

We accept cash, check, Paypal and Venmo payments. We accept credit card payments with an additional 3% processing fee. 

Why do you offer Complimentary touch-ups? 

Every face and muscle are different and it is difficult to know at times which muscles will overcompensate for others that are weaker as a result of treatment. Because of this, and because we want you to look and feel your best, we believe that all patients should be offered complimentary touch ups 10-14 days following initial treatment.  

How will I be contacted about touch-ups? 

We will contact all attendees by email 7 to 9 days following your event.  The email will include your before photos for comparison.  If you ever have a question about if you require a touch up, we are happy to review a current picture and offer an opinion.  

Do you offer Dermal Fillers? 

Yes, by consultation.  We are happy to discuss options to enhance your appearance with dermal fillers.  

What if there is an emergency? 

All of our providers are trained to handle emergencies in a swift and effective manner.  All providers carry an emergency protocol and necessary equipment should such an event occur. 

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